Saturday, July 26, 2008

I can be crafty too... :)

Well, so many of my friends are making stuff now I decided I should try it too. But I didn't really know what to do... Shaila and I looked last night for an idea and I think we found one I can do! This is my first attempt!! I hope to be able to sell some soon and have some ready for the craft thing in October. Here they are.... Let me know what you think!


Ribbon Bookmark

Binder Clips


Creek said...

Yeah! They look so cute! I called you tonight to see if you had done any, but no answer. Busy cutting ribbon? I bought more fabric and stuff tonight - I must be stopped!

Randi House said...

I love these! I would buy them and I know of lots of teachers who would love them as well! Makes great teacher gifts!

The Collins Family said...

I love the clipboard! Cute ideas!

Theron's Mom said...

Those are cute! You should do some type of post-it note box with ribbons too and you could have a whole desk set. These would make great Christmas gifts