Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's official...I'm a teacher!

Well after 4 years, I finally did it! I wore the first (of many I'm sure) tacky Christmas sweaters!! And it lights up!!! Oh yes...Lights up! My kids thought I was sooo awesome!!!! Mom and I found them last year when Colony Shop was going out of business. (I have two!!!) Here it is....

This morning Rich said, "Are you jingling?" I said, "Yep and look." I showed him the lights. He said, "Oh I'm so embarrased!!!" Come on...who doesn't love a tacky Christmas sweater??? LOL!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yummy Salad Pics

I have no idea why, but someone had the idea to include Lenna's Yummy Salad in some fun pics! So here they are... Everyone had their own thoughts on the pics!! Enjoy the crazy salad pics!!! Even Adalyn got a salad pic made!!! :)

Friends' Turkey Day

I completely missed Thanksgiving this year due to being sick! This past weekend I was excited to get together with some of our friends for another Thanksgiving. We had tons of good food and lots of fun playing rockband and card games. Thanks to Chandler, Ashley, and Adalyn for having us all over!! Here are a few pics....

Everyone had to get a pic with the Yummy Salad Lenna made. I'll try to post more of these, they are too funny!!!!

Friends Thanksgiving 2008!

Rodney and Rich taking silly pics!