Friday, January 29, 2010

Teaching antonyms.....

So this week my 2nd graders were learning more about antonyms..... (opposites for all of you people that have been out of school for a while haha!) And we were talking about giant and tiny things!

So one little boy says, "A baby elephant is tiny." And a girl responds, "No a baby elephant isn't tiny, its as big as Mrs. Jones." And she was sooo serious!! As you can imagine I was crushed :)

The joys of teaching.............. i guess going to the gym now for 5 weeks isn't paying off! ha!


Theron's Mom said...

Oh dear. I had a week like that too. Mentioned to Dr. E that I felt like I had gained a bit of weight this year. He looks at his screen and says, "Ohh, yes, yes, you have." Not quite the response I was hoping for. . . so I commiserate. Love your blog frog! am adding it to mine. Maybe the little monsters will be out of school a few more days! J

Amy Barrett said...

that is hilarious! is Joslyn's comment! I'm going to look for the frog.