Thursday, July 28, 2011

End of Feb./March 2011

Daddy got to stay with us for 2 weeks!!! Desmond and I both had Dr's. appts, but we didn't get out much else b/c it was cold!!!!   Then after 2 weeks Rich had a meeting in Little Rock so we had to go to Nanie's (my mom's) to stay.  I was too nervous to stay in Batesville with no family around with a newborn.  She was so much help! Plus lots of family got to see us while were there. 

1st outing to Dr. O'Brien (pediatrician)
 My check-up with Dr. Carlton (OB/GYN)

 (At Nanie's house)

We finally came home & got settled in again.  And each day we watched this boy grow bigger and bigger!!!